Bakhvaloff's Page
Bakhvaloff's Page
Bakhvaloff's Page First SPb.BeeR party. 03.1996.
"Money is Honey" Saloon 2:5030/81 with Friends in "Money is Honey" Saloon. 04.1996.
Salute 9th of May Salute. 1996.
Picnic 2:5030/81 with Friends on concert of Picnic group. 06.1996.
Keler's Birthday Sergei Keler ex-2:5030/178 birthday. 07.1996.
Sasha Zyryanov Sasha Zyryanov's Birthday party. 02.02.1997.
Fish Fabrique Some parties in Fish Fabrique Club.
Salute 2 9th of May Salute. 1999.
Beer Festival 2:5030/81 at Saint-Petersburg Beer Festival (12.06.99).
China Town Sysops of 2:5030 in China Town restraunt (05.03.2004).
My Job Me and my coworkers (05.03.2004).
Ushee My beloved super monkey catdog Ushee (11.11.2006).
Home My Home and Family (11.11.2006).
Dinosaur Vovka Junior and Dinosaurus (11.11.2006).
My Job (2) Me and my coworkers (14.11.2006).
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