Bakhvaloff's Page
Bakhvaloff's Page
Bakhvaloff's Page

My biography:

Here is my face :-)
My name is Vladimir A. Bakhvaloff. I was born in Leningrad (U.S.S.R.). This city is now called Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
I was born on April 18th 1969.
I spent my childhood in Peterhof (Petrodvorets) with my grandmother.
I attended school at the 384th middle school in Leningrad. After finishing school I was admitted to the Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute (L.E.E.I.).
From November 10, 1987 to December 25, 1989 I was a corporal in the Soviet Army.
After the army I was worked at The State Institute of Applied Chemistry (now The Russian Scientific Center "Applied Chemistry"), ABI-bank (Joint-Stock Bank of Science and Social-Economic Technology Innovation).
I was unemployed for two years.
Later I worked 1.5 years at The State Hermitage Museum.
After this I had some rest. %)
From May 20 1998 to November 18 1999 I worked at ISP JSC "Liniya Svyazi" ("Connection Line").

Now I'm FREE ARTIST!!! :)))
I'm collaborating with ArtLogic Studio. I'm supporting WWW.RENDER.RU site.

My FIDOnet life:

I'm also a FIDOnet member...
You can learn more about Saint-Peterburg FIDO at the Russian Kangaroo Page

My IRC life:

You also often can meet me at IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel #fidorus.
My nickname - Bob_Bakh (or something like this :). Our server: or other EFNet server.
I'm using a PiRCH IRC-client.

My hobby:

I really love the AutoDESK ® 3DStudio and the Kinetix ® 3DStudio MAX.
I'm NOT a moderator of FIDOnet echo-conference SU.RENDER (all about rendering software on ex-USSR territory). I have some handmade ;) images. You can look its here.

Links for known (and unknown) friends and SU.RENDER readers and his jobs:

Send me Your links!..

Vladimir A. Bakhvaloff - just I'm, Moderator of SU.RENDER %)
Sergey Kasatikoff - Moderator-II of SU.RENDER
Denis Usatenko - FAQ-maker of SU.RENDER
Alex Kovalev - SU.RENDER reader
Alex Poltorihin - SU.RENDER reader
Yuri Kokozidi - SU.RENDER reader ("Computer Asia", VEGA studio)
Alex Bukhtenko - SU.RENDER reader

Possible links:

Anton Kartamyshev(?) - SU.RENDER reader

...we're worked together...

Alexander O. Lebedev - "Sur Warlock"
Oleg Lebedev - CoSysOp :)
Igor Kotelianski - "Anim Gif"
Boris Piotrovski - Surfing

This page designed with:

And my really powerful hands... ;)))

Last modifed... M-m-m... But what time is it now?.. ;)

Contact with me:

My E-Mail address is
Also You can left message for me on my WWW-pager at It's same as ICQ UIN 1608235.
Special thanks to Michael Baranoff for chell-specking.
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