Bakhvaloff's Page
Bakhvaloff's Page
Bakhvaloff's Page
Personal data: Vladimir A. Bakhvaloff
Turgenevsky lane
Saint-Petersburg 198095
Phone: +7-812-25-25-705
Mobile phone: +7-921-dnt-kn-ow
Birth date: 18 april 1969
daughter Anna (from first marriage), born 17 march 1989
son Vladimir, born 10 april 2000
Objective: Software engineer
Education: unfinished (3.5 year) higher education
in Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute,
Faculty of Automation and Computer Technique
speciality: Computer Aided Design
Experiences: Fortran - since 1985
Pascal - since 1987
C/C++ - since 1990
AutoLisp - since 1990
Delphi - since 1995
Most significant programs written by me: UFO DynDNS Updater -

Zirra Mail Server (just started) -

This programs written in Delphi using Win32 API, WinSock, HTTP-, SMTP- and POP3-protocols.
Also took part in development of storehouse program "Modul'-Sklad"
/Delphi, BDE, Interbase 4/
Skills: Technical English
Native Russian
Professional level of the Computer abilities: Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.xx, Windows 9x, Windows NT /operating systems/;
Good knowledge of HTML, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office;
3D Modelling and animation with 3D Studio Max;
Hobbies: Programming /Delphi, Virtual Pascal or C++ Builder/
WWW-developing /clear HTML, PHP, MySQL, Perl/.
3D Modelling /3DStudio Max/
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